The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC): This organization administers a number of excellent competitions, including the AMC8, AMC10 & AMC12, and AIME & USAMO. The first three are open to anyone at that grade level or below, while the latter two must be qualified for by participating in the AMC10 or AMC12. We strongly encourage all high schools to participate in the AMC10 and/or AMC12. The AMC10 and AMC12 are multiple-choice problem-solving tests given in January or February with problems ranging from somewhat difficult to extremely difficult. Administering these tests at your school costs approximately forty dollars plus one dollar per student.

MathCounts: This middle school program begins with materials that you can use at your middle school to help students train and then select a team to represent your school at a nearby local competition. Teams and individuals that do well at the local level can advance to state and national contests. If your middle school does not participate in this program, it should. Participation in this program costs eighty dollars for up to four students and twenty dollars for each additional student up to a total of eight.

The United States of America Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS): This is a FREE contest administered via the internet at the individual level rather than the school level, so it can require absolutely no effort for you as the coach. This contest consists of three rounds in which students have one month to write solutions to five problems ranging from moderately difficult to extremely difficult. We believe that the top students at each high school should be encouraged to participate in this contest.

We administer a mailing list for dissemination of information on these and other contests. Join the discussion!