Providing the extracurricular mathematical experiences needed by today's students can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Our contests by e-mail fill a variety of needs to help you give your students the best possible preparation.

National Assessment & Testing Mathematics Competitions:

are convenient If you're lucky enough to have a face-to-face contests in your area, they still require you to give up a significant portion of your weekend. Our contests are available anywhere in the country or the world, and require only an hour or two of your time during the week.

are affordable While most contest registration fees add up quickly based on the number of participating students, each of our competitions has a flat $40.00 registration fee regardless of how many students participate.

save you time Instead of preparing original problems and solutions for each of your team's practice sessions, our tests can be administered and our solutions discussed in place of many of these meetings. After a contest, our materials can be used as the basis of practice sessions preparing for other competitions.

are easy to administer You simply receive materials (including simple, detailed instructions) by e-mail, print the materials, administer the contest (30 minutes), pre-score your students' answer sheets, type those scores into a spreadsheet we provide, scan the answer sheets of students you think may receive an award, and e-mail us the spreadsheet and scanned answer sheets. Teams without access to a scanner can photocopy answer sheets and send them via postal mail.

build confidence All of our competitions include easy problems, so that even inexperienced students will find part of each test easy. In addition, because we give awards in multiple divisions for our individual contests, less-experienced competitors can still aspire to receive an award.

are challenging Each of our contests covers a range of difficulties from the easy problems mentioned above to difficult problems that challenge the most experienced competitors in the world.

are rewarding High-scoring individuals in each division receive certificates, as do high-scoring schools, which are also recognized in press releases to their local newspapers. All award recipients are recognized on our website. In addition, the high-scoring student at each school receives a certificate in recognition of that achievement.