If you have registered for the 2020 Middlementary Math Bonanza, you can download the materials as a zip file using the username and password from your invoice.

The Middlementary Math Bonanza is a face-to-face math competition that your organization (a school district, a high school math team, the Rotary Club, etc.) can administer for local elementary and middle school students as a service project and/or fundraiser.

The registration fee for this competition is $200.00, which your team can easily recoup with the first few registrations it receives.
We are currently offering the coupon code "FirstMMB", which allows first-time hosts to administer this contest for just $10!

The Middlementary Math Bonanza comes with everything we could think to provide a first-time contest host. We provide proctor instructions, tests, answer sheets, answer keys, and solutions of the same high quality as those for our national high school competitions. In addition, press releases, invitations, and donation solicitation letters are provided to help you build participation and support for your event. We also provide registration forms and scoring spreadsheets to simplify management of student and team data. Finally, we provide schedules, test reproduction instructions, and documents with advice on concessions, staffing, awards, registration fees, and other important topics.

You can practice with the 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 or 2015 contest materials.

Register to administer this contest.

We're developing a second elementary competition that makes math a spectator sport! It's the Battle of the Math Brains, a team-based contest with three events that have students finding problems and answers posted around a gym, as well as displaying answers to problems read orally. It's a work in progress, especially the support files, but we're having such a good time locally that we want to share it with the world.